What’s All This Then?

Oh, hello! Welcome to Skip-A-Turn, a little corner of the internet for reviews of board games, card games and– No, no, wait, come back! Come back! No need to run off!

What if we were to promise you that board games can be more than just a miserable little distraction? That they can be genuinely fun in a way that video games can’t always  be in this day and age? We know, years of Monopoly and games of Risk (that may or may not still be going on) have tainted the idea, but there is just something so beautiful, so engaging and organic about having your friends around a table and connecting on a one-on-one basis, laughing and cursing and enjoying each other’s company through a tangible object. It’s a wonderful feeling, and we want to share that feeling with the world!… By making sure you don’t buy something that’ll make your night into a boring slog and make your friends wonder why they didn’t go catch a movie instead.

Here at Skip-A-Turn, it’s our duty (well really more of a nosy need to hype) to share what games work. Some games are for thinkers, some games are for builders, some are for storytellers, some are for comedians… There are games out there that are perfect for you and your friends, you just have to know what they are!  There are thousands of board games on the market now. No, that’s not hyperbole, literally: Thousands. Just due to numbers alone, there is BOUND to be one or two that you and your friends will enjoy!


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