Meet the Bloggers

Steven J. Pope

Steven Pope is a 23 year old MFA student who is dangerously close to graduating and has spent far too much time with small wooden men and cardboard boxes. While his studies have been in Dramatic Writing and Film he’s wasted enough hours studying games to annoy his friends with actual degrees in Game Design. A true menace to society, his accolades include being a Finalist in the first annual Beverly Hills Screenplay Competition and in the Out of the Box Screenplay Competition. He currently resides in Savannah, Georgia.

Find him on Twitter @StevenJPope22

Buckle Nagle


Buckle is a genderqueer jack of all trades from Tulsa, Oklahoma whose interest in games stems from an ill-fated venture into comic artistry and illustration.  After serving four years hard time in the indie trenches he sold his soul to Capitalism and became a moderately employable filmmaker and critical journalist.  She looks forward to beginning her career at Starbucks after she completes her dual masters in Film and Television (MFA) and Cinema Studies (MA) at The Art School Which Must Not Be Named in Savannah, GA. He has won no awards and has no credentials, but is keeping optimistic.

Find her impressively inactive online self-branding on Twitter @ohbuckle


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