Lunch Money Review


So we had a comment saying our “Top Five Board Games for Your Mom” list was tame.  After all, some of us don’t have great relationships with our parents, so why not take advantage of this upcoming Mother’s Day to release some of that pent-up parental rage? Grab your Prozac and Xanax kids, ’cause we’re getting deep and dark with C. E. Weidman’s “Lunch Money.”

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Top Five Board Games For Your Mom!


Mother’s day is coming up on May 11th, 2014! Here at Skip-A-Turn we realize that buying gifts your your mother can be hard: You probably don’t know her shoe size, or her favorite color, or her dress size, and you’re probably too old to get away with a hand-made card. Unless you’re good at that, in which case, can we get your contact information? Any way, in honor of the holiday that celebrates the Moms of Planet Earth, and since we are board game related blog, instead of a normal review we’re going to do something a little more festive. Here’s the Top Five Board Games for your Mom!

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