Top Five Board Games For Your Mom!


Mother’s day is coming up on May 11th, 2014! Here at Skip-A-Turn we realize that buying gifts your your mother can be hard: You probably don’t know her shoe size, or her favorite color, or her dress size, and you’re probably too old to get away with a hand-made card. Unless you’re good at that, in which case, can we get your contact information? Any way, in honor of the holiday that celebrates the Moms of Planet Earth, and since we are board game related blog, instead of a normal review we’re going to do something a little more festive. Here’s the Top Five Board Games for your Mom!

Number 5: Ladies and Gentlemen
This one’s a bit on the nose: Fashion and fun and gender roles, all rolled up into one very fun French-born game. As this was the first review ever posted on Skip-A-Turn, we’ll just give you a small link to our review and move right along to number 4!

Number 4: Bejeweled Game
You know what your favorite game of all time is? Candy Crush Saga! Why? Because it’s this game on FaceBook, and if Glove and Boots taught us any thing its that it’s evil and addictive and you play it. Don’t lie, we all know you do!

Candy Crush Confessions!

Candy Crush Confessions!

You know who else loves Candy Crush Saga? Your Mom! But now you can get every one away from FaceBook and play that candy-moving puzzler in real life!… Well, more to the point, play the game that is the basis for that candy-coated soul sucker in real life. Still. It’s Bejeweled in physical form. It’s not a phenomenal game, but it’s a fun distraction, and maybe that’s all you’re looking for! Plus it’s not super expensive, so… Y’know. That’s a thing. Ya cheapskate.

Number 3: Takenoko
Wait, isn’t this on he review schedule? Wait, we have a schedule? Really? What? Oh, dear, well then, I’ll save all the reviewy bit for later, and I’ll just go ahead and tell you that this might be one of the cutest board games ever made in the history of ever. Because it’s about an adorable fat panda and the poor sap who has to take care of it. It’s simple, it’s fun, and it’s adorable.



Putting together little forests so the chubby little squishy adorable fatty panda can eat?  Yes. I love it. If your mom likes animals? This is perfect.

Number 2: Uno
For a lot of people, this simple, colorful card game was probably their FIRST real game that wasn’t just Candy Land or Sorry or… Something for the under 5 crowd. Those memories probably meant a lot to her, so they should mean a lot to you too! So, why not use Nostalgia this mother’s day!

Plus, we found this wonderful way to play online! So, can’t be home? Share a moment with her through the magic of the internet!

Number 1: Scrabble
Generally people react with hives and retches when they see any board game you can buy at the local Wal-Mart. And for a good reason. But here’s the thing: Your Mom? She loves Scrabble. And I love Scrabble. And you love Scrabble! Or at least we all think we love Scrabble. Some of the wordier farts out there probably enjoy it, like myself, but I know some people might hate this. But whatever, suck it up buddy, this is for your mother!

Word to your mother?

Word to your mother?

And much like Uno, you can play this online! Ever hear of Words With Friends? Don’t lie, we know you have!

So there you have it. Five games to play with your Mom on this special day. Now call her, she probably misses you! And wants to make sure you’ve been eating well!



8 thoughts on “Top Five Board Games For Your Mom!

  1. Haha. We definitely played scrabble last time I was home with my parents. But I can barely handle it with them, and Uno isn’t much better either. They’ve been too overplayed with us and are now just plain boring. And my mom plays Candy Crush religiously… So I think I’m going to have to try Ladies and Gentlemen with them! That should be entertaining! We played Cards Against Humanity with Sarah’s parents last time we saw them, that was very very interesting!

  2. Hehe, this is a tame list! My mom has played through Operation Flashpoint: Fire Rescue, Police Precinct, Forbidden Desert, and a number of games of Arkham Horror (though this one did give her nightmares). Very fun to play with the grandparents too. We obviously prefer co-op though. =P

  3. Very fun and timely post. I can’t imagine playing a board game or video game of any kind with my mother. Too much competitive energy. Although scrabble would be good for the family overall.

  4. I find this very timely and amusing. As a mom, all we want on Mother’s Day (a made-up holiday) is a little bit of your time, respect and maybe one of those home made macaroni cards. Our time on this earth is limited and you never know when it will be the last time you see your mom. Don’t forget, you are one of the most important people in her life. Just let her know you love her and spend a little time with her. The commercials you see on television are b.s. and made up from set designers and actors. Real moms are flawed but so are you. Sharing love is the thing we have in common. My mom is gone and I would give anything to have just 5 more minutes to tell her how much she meant to me.

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