Fluxx Review?

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Ah! No! That doesn’t go there! Why the hell would you think we needed MORE egrets in the gymnasium, hm?! HM!? Well, I’ll have you know that we do NOT have time for this and– Oh, hello! Hello! You caught us in a bit of a mess. You see, Skip-A-Turn is ran by two Graduate students, and we’re in a bit of a pickle. I’m trying to get my degree done with out going insane, Buckle is in the middle of production of a new short film, and we have an extra special review for you planned! Sadly, big plans mean big chaos and– NO, NO MORE PUGS, YOU TAKE THAT THING BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT, MISTER! A-hem, yes, well… This is Fluxx. A game that may not actually be reviewable.

Fluxx is about as chaotic as the personal lives of our reviewers. See that picture up there? Those are the only rules that you need to know in order to play any version of  Fluxx. As legend has it, Looney Labs spent millions on Government Research to make a game guaranteed to make every one who played it go mad.



As you already understand the fundamentals of the game, you don’t really have a “win” condition when you start. In fact, you play the Win Condition cards as you go along. There are really only four types of cards: Creeper, which are bad and can prevent you from winning (except when they don’t), Keeper which are good cards that you need to win (except when you don’t), Action, and Goal cards. There are about sixteen quadrillion different variations, but these four are the staples of the Fluxx line of games.

Fluxx is a strange game in that your game can last two minutes or a little over an hour, depending on what you’re playing and who you’re playing with. We can’t really knock it, because, well, that’s kind of the point. It’s a game in flux, you see. This almost makes it very hard for us to find any thing to say about it, because it’s a game that devolves into chaos where you draw 6 cards, play 2, and then discard three, all while using a silly British Accent and praying you don’t end up drawing Cthulhu yet again!

This game is so simple and such an easy “bored before class” game that there’s no surprise that it’s available in five languages, with a Christian Version, a Cthulhu Version, a Zombie Version, an Oz Version, a Pirate Version, a Jewish Version, an Alien Version, a Stoner Version… No, seriously, Stoner Fluxx is totally a thing.

Like, duuuuddeee...

Like, duuuuddeee…

And a few others flying around.

We’d review them all, but the thing is, there’s really not that much of a difference. You play one Fluxx and you’re ready for them all. Unlike Munchkin, which is a game no one as Skip-A-Turn is really able to recommend, Fluxx does have a good appeal to the casual gamer out there. Plus, it’s cheap to pick up and easy to find, something we can’t say for every game we’ve reviewed so far. Is this even a review, though? It feels more like we’re just showing you a product and shrugging our shoulders, but, really, that’s all you can do for Fluxx. It’s too simple to really critique but too complex to REALLY get into. I can’t even call it a mess, because that’s what it wants to be.

I miss her flipping tables.

Hello old friend. I missed her flipping tables.

As such, we give Fluxx a sorta-recommendation for those new to the game scene. It’s fun and it’ll hold your attention for a while, and for a game that goes for about 15 bucks, that’s not bad.

Buy Fluxx
Price: $16.00-$20.00
Number of Players: 2-6+
Recommended: Ehhh three or four? Maybe five? We’re not really sure…
Skip-A-Turn Variation: Whatcha Playin’?: If you’re playing this in a public space and some one asks, every one draws a card. Whoever answers (and doesn’t sound insane) gets to go twice.


4 thoughts on “Fluxx Review?

    • Back when I was a dumb teenager I adored Munchkin, but now that I’m older I realize its just one giant inside joke coupled with gameplay that was less game and more “sitting around a table until some one hits level 9 and then start making this already boring game drag ass.” Glad you liked the review! 🙂

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